Dossier of Reason

The following text is displayed ad-free for the promotion of reason. It has been taken from a public Google document written by a former youth pastor turned apostate. His commentary can be found in the original Reddit post. I do not own the intellectual property or rights to this, but believe in good faith that publishing his work (that is already publicly available online) here for more to see is keeping with the idea of open information that the original writer would have wanted.

Please note that this is a draft and work in progress. It will likely become a community collaborative process in the future, with blessing from the original author. Until then, out of respect, his work shall remain unaltered. The raw data can be found here, in its structured form.

Update: I've spoken with the author and he's in full support of this being shared. His name is Daniel Henson. :)

The Problem of Predisposition
Why you must approach your faith of choice with objectivity and skepticism and not confirmation bias
15 611
The Problem of Deism
Why there is no actual evidence for the existence of ANY god
60 3179
The Problem of Theism
Why the Judeo-Christian God is demonstrably false, as expounded on in subsequent points
15 302
The Problem of Sin and Hell
Why Sin and Hell conflict with the existence of a benevolent, omnipotent, omniscient creator
23 584
The Problem of Evil and Suffering
Why the evil and suffering we observe in our world is inconsistent with the Abrahamic gods.
40 1299
The Problem of Salvation and Faith
Why the plan of salvation is ridiculous, and has failed
22 533
The Problem of Morality
Why real morality is only truly possible without god
343 5805
The Problem of god's origin
Why god is actually an evolution of other gods
5 127
The Problem of a Historical Jesus
Why Jesus probably never actually existed
49 950
The Problem of the Bible
How the bible is literally full of errors in nearly every way possible. source
810 10748
The Problem of Prayer
How prayer is demonstrably a waste of time
21 343
The Problem of Miracles
Why miracles are not convincing
15 263
The Problem of the Spirit
Why we demonstrably are purely physical beings
17 240
The Problem of a Young Earth and Universe
Why the Bible's claim that the universe is only 6,000 years old is literally a willful ignorance of the evidence
20 513
The Problem of Special Creation
The Fact and Grandeur of Evolution
127 1825
Was America founded as a Christian Nation?
"For rebellion as is the sin of witchcraft." 1 Sam 15:23
65 1396
An informal reference to most of the sources of information.