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Wife, mother, student, blogger. Began Fighting Thinspo in 2010 which can best be described as a Eating Disorder Awareness, positive body image and inspiration for recovery Blog. Her blog endeavours to steer young people away from "thinspo" and "pro anorexia" type blogs and towards reputable recovery resources.

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Billy Moffat
Owner and sole developer of, he attends university full time but has a passionate addiction to the internet, particularly programming. Due to the lack of other developers for the site, he is often forced to write about himself in the third person.
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Mace Felsch
Senior Editor of the Meercat9 News Network. He enjoys writing, and is currently attempting a novel... again. He considers himself a connoisseur of foreign films and instrumental music, particularly orchestral and jazz. He is happiest when debating with the intolerant population of the internet, especially when he wins.
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Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia is a writer and apprentice novelist. He often likes to play video-games when he can break the symbiosis between him and his computer, he also enjoys writing short stories as warm-up and still mourns the loss of his first novel draft to a virus he swore revenge against.
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Ben Kelly
The do-nothing slacker member of Subjective Gaming. Bishop of Death. Proud Hufflepuff. When he's not slaving away at his keyboard, his hobbies include eating himself to sleep, and sleep-eating. Also, his fruit killing skills are remarkable! Despite his young age, he shows promise in the field of journalism and eating contests.
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