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Typing Speed Test

With the typing test, you can see how fast your typing speed is. Did you know that four out of five dentists say you should work on your typing speed? Just ask them - if you're game enough to go to the dentist, that is. But in all seriousness, typing speed is very important and with our high scores table, there's never an easier way to compare the size of your ... typing skills.

Just select the passage of text you want to type and click "Take New Test". It'll automatically clear the text box and move the focus there (in other words you click the button and can start typing straight away without needing to click in the box). You then have 60 seconds to type as much of the passage as you can.

At the end of the 60 seconds it'll submit your text for marking. This is where it calculates errors, finalises your speed rating, ensures you didn't cheat, and submits your score to the high-scores table.

Punctuation and capitalisation is important (if you mess it up, the word won't count). Also, you aren't allowed to leave the text-box mid-game or copy+paste from the clipboard (though I know you're all going to try).