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Box Clicking Game

Basic game, basic title. A rogue box is flying around the screen. Click it before it... does stuff. Six different difficulty settings. Please note that since this is a primitive HTML5 application (not flash), it requires a very modern web browser (that means you should be using something released in the last 6 months), and a *relatively* powerful computer. You can still try and play if you don't have these things, it just may mean your experience is lacking.

Be sure to click "Start New Game" when you're finished practicing to start the 30 second timer. If you do well enough you just might get onto the high scores list for that level of difficulty. The top 10 are shown. You get 5 points per successful click and lose a point for every miss. Most points after 30 seconds wins. It's all very straightforward :).

If the square is jumping (or teleporting) from one place to another rather than moving there, this is because your browser is incompatible. Any up-to-date version of the major web browsers will work (except IE9, you'll need to wait for IE10). As always I recommend the latest version of Google Chrome.

If the movement is jittery it's probably because your computer isn't that powerful. For a very basic game it requires a relatively powerful compute (including graphics card) to work well. This is because it's been written in HTML/CSS/JS (very inefficient web-based languages) as a fun exercise, and is also not incredibly optimsed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If clicks aren't registering or it seems like it's not counting most of your clicks. This is annoying, but not entirely wrong. You're clicking and dragging at the same time, which doesn't count as a click. Make sure you're not trying to draw a box and are getting a nice, clean click. Everybody's playing with this handicap and it'll show in the high scores so don't worry.