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Train Game Calculator (thumbnail)
Train Game Calculator
24/01/13 - Web Application
This is an old game with many names. Take a 4-digit number (usually from the carriage number of a train) and try to use mathematics to get it to 10. For example, 5412 can be solved as 5 + 4 - 1 + 2. The numbers don't need to be in the same order, and you can use any kind of 2-input mathematical operation that you like.
BlackCat! Encoder (thumbnail)
BlackCat! Encoder
04/06/12 - Web Application
BlackCat! is a proprietary encryption algorithm that can be used to securely encrypt and compress data. BlackCat! Encoder 2.0 is the most recent and best version that is not backwards compatible. For security's purposes I won't go into detail about how it works. Just enter the data you wish to convert and a password. Your data is never stored on this web s...
Crossword Dictionary (thumbnail)
Crossword Dictionary
31/05/12 - Web Application
Know the letters of a word but still can't get it? Help narrow your options with this application! The Crossword Dictionary will take a pattern of letters with unknowns and give you a list of all of the words it can find that match that particular pattern. Perfect for crossword puzzles. The results are taken from the UNIX dictionary of 230,000 words.
Simple Torrent Search (thumbnail)
Simple Torrent Search
14/05/12 - Web Application
This application aggregates search results from multiple websites and search engines for torrent files. Perfect for mobile phones and people new to the idea of "torrenting". The results are not as feature complete as other search engines to ensure maximum simplicity.
Poker Probability Calculator (thumbnail)
Poker Probability Calculator
17/04/12 - Web Application
This poker probability calculator (The Meercat9 Texas Hold'em Poker Probability Calculator) is designed to calculate the odds of a standard game of Texas Hold'em. Unlike almost every other web-based calculator for this game, it doesn't require you to know everybody's cards - since that would defeat the purpose. This is a calculator that you can use while p...
Essay Analyser (thumbnail)
Essay Analyser
10/04/12 - Web Application
Analyse your essays with this tool. Stop overusing words and structure your them better. Just copy and paste a block of text into the area below and the program will work out the words you use most often, the size and structure of your paragraphs, and the word count for each section and the entirety of your text.
Tumblr Blog Archiver (thumbnail)
Tumblr Blog Archiver
03/04/12 - Web Application
This application reads your Tumblr RSS feed (since it's consistent, independent of themes and relatively small) and extracts all posts, letting you save them as a zip archive on your computer. It also saves pictures posted. Whether you want to delete, start fresh and keep the memories, or are worried about the possibility of Tumblr being shut down, this wi...
Self-Destructing Email (thumbnail)
Self-Destructing Email
30/03/12 - Web Application
Have you ever wanted to send someone an email but didn't want them to have a copy of it after they read it? This applicaton will let you create a custom link to a written message that will delete itself when it is viewed for the first (and only) time. The reading page also refreshes automatically after 60 seconds for enhanced security. Obviously the recipi... Site Search (thumbnail) Site Search
27/02/12 - Web Application
This is the Search Engine. It lets you find things on the Meercat9 server. This can cover any applications, videos, news articles, music or Blankspace homepages.
Synonym Finder (thumbnail)
Synonym Finder
20/01/12 - Web Application
Stuck looking for that perfect word? Need to diversify your diction? Simply want to look like you're smarter than you actually are in an English Essay? The Synonym Finder (boring name, I know) will help you do just that. Enter the word and we'll get all the synonyms for you. Wait, why am I explaining how to use a synonym finder? This is basically another o...