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Essay Analyser

About this application

Analyse your essays with this tool. Stop overusing words and structure your essays better. Just copy and paste a block of text into the area below and the program will work out the words you use most often, the size and structure of your paragraphs, and the word count for each section and the entirety of your text.

Sample essay

You can either write your essay in the text area, or you can paste it in from your favourite word processing program. The Essay Analyser will then break down the structure and diction of the text and measure it in key areas for possible issues. It gives you general information, as well as more detailed information about each paragraph. At the bottom is displays a list of most commonly used words when compared to the average use (i.e. if you use rare words occasionally it'll appear higher than if you use an extremely common word moderately).

These flags notify you when the Essay Analyser thinks there may be something you could improve. Since the English language is very complex - and tends to not even follow its own rules - any recommendations that the Essay Analyser makes to you is exactly that - a recommendation. You should be willing to ignore flags, since it's impossible for a computer to understand meaning on the level required to be an absolute authority.

I hope you enjoy using this, and I hope it helps you structure your essays better.

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This feature is not yet enabled in the 2013 version.