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Welcome to the Next Generation of Meercat9

Change Log

23/03/2013 - Fixed bugs with layout scaling. Added Essay Analyser. Fixed Javascript caching bugs. Added new table APIs and an up-one-level arrow.

22/03/2013 - Adapted EZTV, Crossword solver, 4Pic. Added mobile layout. Added right hand sidebar (over the last few weeks)

27/02/2013 - Started creating an adapted version of the EZTV proxy to get preliminary design ideas for basic elements and structures

23/02/2013 - Added a place-holder for the user account in the top right corner. It shortens names that don't fit and shows the full name with a mouse-over effect.

23/02/2013 - Added the drop-down search results box!

22/02/2013 - Changed the washed-out (disabled) colour of the tab links to a slight shade of blue from gray.

18/02/2013 - Changed the tabbed-page system to slide a panoramic table instead of show/hide boxes. Now the padding is stored in the individual pageblocks instead of the content wrapper.

17/02/2013 - Added a new API for creating tabbed pages by using NAV{\{...}\} to create named-blocks that automatically form tabs. Added colouring and changing effects.

17/02/2013 - Adjusted the scaling of the search box, padding, and background colour. The search box now has no borders, and blends with the topbar (similar to Facebook's new graph search). It uses a JavaScript-based placeholder feature (since IE9 and earlier do not support it).

16/02/2013 - Changed the styling of the sidebar to be more consistent with the metro style. Changed the background colour to blend in with the side panes. Adjusted header fonts to helvetica without bold, and default font to calibri.

15/02/2013 - Added a make-shift sidebar based on a new content.txt master file, that will later hold all meta information about content pages in a centralised place. Made topbar the correct width, and added an animation for the sidebar contents to show and hide with the sliding of the layout between <768 and >768.

14/02/2013 - Changed the way the layouts scale to not interfere with the content div. Also removed the width/padding information from CSS, since the JS case function already passed the same information

13/02/2013 - Reduced max width from 1320 to 1280. This was done so a monitor with 1366px width could have a left-docked task bar (such as Windows or Ubuntu) and still utilise the entire interface

31/01/2013 - Added scalability in JavaScript between the sizes 1320px, 1010px, 768px, 320px. Need to adjust the bottom 2 to have margins for scroll bars. Also, the mobile (320px) versions need work to fill the screen, particularly on Metro snap.

30/01/2013 - Created the frame.html and system.php files. Set up the 3-pane layout where content is centralised.

07/01/2013 - Created the index page and a root.txt file that outlines where the base file system begins (this means an easy change to the root of the site when testing is complete and graceful changing of servers for the future

Task List

  • Search results should appear in real-time. Roughly 5 links should be shown on top with syntax highlighting.
  • Search results need a "view all results" link at the bottom to avoid overflow.
  • User account box should dynamically be based on the signed-in user, and link to the account dashboard
  • Better mouse-over effects that use the consistent metro style
  • Sidebar should scale the number of elements shown to fill the vertical space dynamically
  • Space out sidebar elements for "touch mode" - perhaps a toggle on the right hand side
  • Metric time clock
  • Themes - integrate themes into the system in a more dynamic way
  • If nobody is signed in, the user account box should be a prompt to sign in or sign up

Overall Goals

  • Scalability - enormously so. In fact, this site should be so easily scaled that a new complex page can be created with two lines of code. Perhaps even a single inclusion.
  • Cross-compatibility - every web browser should work flawlessly. Every device should be optimised. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, RT. Mac OSX and Ubuntu. 1366px width, 1024px width, 768px width (portrait), 320px width (portrait).
  • Consistent Design - anybody browsing should know where everything is located on any page because things are consistent site-wide. The only thing different about each page of should be the content box. Everything else should be identical
  • Dynamic - new content and analytics should be automatically integrated
  • Themes - sub-portals can have their own themes, with the design of the structure offloaded to a simple txt file in the folder. The site should automatically check for design files and use them appropriately


If you are someone other than Billy, you probably aren't supposed to be here. That's okay though, I don't mind. Just don't touch anything.